W. Kamau Bell Interview

Thursday, May 4th

W. Kamau Bell called into Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about his show at Boulder Theatre next Thursday, the 2nd season of CNN's United Shades of America, his new book and more! 


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Besides embers solve today's comedy comedy one of 31 is big my it's they have been waiting all week to top this man on the line we have a guy I was still on it he's here next Thursday at the boulder theater is amazing so his CNN show United States of America just kicked off its second season. He's released a new book we allow gonna talk about a like to welcome among line we got W Kamal ballot doorman. There. Of course Matt thanks so much for Colin and I appreciate it well so it's a you've been you've been busy man you have a lot going on last week like I said the second season. A UC NN show a United States of America kicked out congratulations on that. Now is just weakness the other day I was a I got down low like love from you on Twitter I gotta like I don't know what ultimately you'll not seen the show you've got to tune to check it out it's amazing so and yes it like the Alaska episode was hilarious. And you know I got to ask you what inspired you. To pitch this year which is seems to have put you in so many uncomfortable positions whether it's an episode like putting you with the kkk or putting you in negative twenty degree weather. Yeah that. You have been dead birds made a point. Two degree weather might have been worst conduct I could I couldn't leave that. Can lead the play and that's been cold the last. It's also the bottle I've learned in my life it's about right what about a couple of constructed an uncomfortable awkward situations. I think it makes you smarter and makes you more open and also. It really showed you regard you know so it's pathetic that you Joker in the country they're ready assertive you know everything's hectic. Yeah would sort of 2000 participant pin and actually. Can move the needle and believe me he thought to Alaska there was a don't prevent. The only you wouldn't be going up the spine well. I mean you know our. Person would rather be alone that's to. But for the sake of trying to do something to put it really. Elevated to the person deeply that would normally do. And where is home for you are or all night so you know what's interesting about the shows like even when you go back to the kkk episode which I think was maybe the first episode to see one you know. You find yourself you know with that you know group if you believe in their you know Iraq's have been even with these people who they're so it was a lot of you know hatred and racism kind of behind there was moments where you guys were laughing together there was moments where like you were able to find things that there and and I think that you know what the show does show there is so many differences but if people would just get over there their biases or their racism or just there. You know some of their prejudices you my funny have a lot in common or or at least something in common with people that nothing like you. Yeah actually you know there are some truly despicable people out there it. That might be in our White House. That we have picked. Up. That's people who just aren't just lost and people are sort of they run to think that both familiar and I feel like. So those Clinton never vote with elect you wanna kill him a couple of like aegis succumbed to Atlanta. Some people get them out of people have considered a lot pulled you know very well. And it's also a big week for you this Tuesday you just released your your first book the op where dots a W come out about. Yes very Jack yeah I would akin to wanting it. Of working hard out there get too cute they won't keep and so you like bills that I do like to be able to much it would eat every day. That's crazy how that works is that to win when you're put this book together was it did end up being an easier than you think of the BBC was a more difficult when you've got to would be our. Note let her if this is my first look at my last book if you like. Not yet he's a local news the right they were like that's enough stuff. I just felt like. You know it's super I've try to make yourself vulnerable and try to really did some things in and Scalia feel awkward alternate and I had a standard to look. At. And. And now it's not just Robert Dodd is a much longer titled are you able to say the name of the the whole title of the book without looking you know by heart. I do not know but are. Happy that they need to memorize it. It's a popular radio over the result of the full bid be awkward to delete my belt filled with six foot four African American heterosexual assist gender. Left leaning asthmatic. In route blurb on the board that is in the. Amazon.com laws that time. There. I decide that I'm number one in humorous literature and the brought in recent discrimination. Good to have number one in my more than once but yeah that's like got a weight discrimination as yourself who America picked. Was so you know the beautiful thing is if people were only like you know to know you for your show on CNN US you actually kinda integrate some of your stand up into the likes of people kind of like Elise as a small glimpse of what and that's what your bring in here to the boulder theater. It's Nextel Thursday and Agassi get those tickets a comedy went up 31 dot com having your success with the show and obviously you're the book what is it about stand up you know he brings to the stage. Well Yemeni guarantee people I'm not bring in the Ku Klux Klan with me that. Is that it's our product out that's accurate. But. It. It's it's just it's our first up senate colleagues looked up into the big into show business it's something I love doing most of that group. This will be you know you make a 700 people who work habits you actually read a book you have an editor of and that agent who are helping you which is great haven't helped set up comedies is in the audience and that's the best. Most immediate thing and you know it's hard to pin positions Kurt Birkins pride ourselves in. Surprise the audience in the you know every shall do little bit different Israel Florida I've never been to Denver for so I'll everything else forceful stand up and and it rep in America it has been at the airport. Admiral makes you have an oxygen tank nearby. That was the I was that wouldn't happen that. You know almost passed out. Yes things are not just in Denver you're in boulder that's like a few thousand feet higher so you know. Our chief. Not too much you'll be you know don't go to when he like cart wheels or anything that it will be okay. Let's talk about Africa and target and got out by the fact that. Read correctly. For everybody that was going easier Susie you cart was apologized. But will that they've ever really. But we have to sort of go. Lies that he's going to be the boulder theater next Thursday W come out bill three things you gotta do one you've got to check out a CNN show a united states of America's second that you do you need a buys book. Thirteen to go get tickets to his show before it sells out and I want to thank you for making top grizzlies and I've really enjoyed. You watch your show and you know one of my favorite new people that I have you know just got introduced to these last six months it's been exciting seeing you do today. Whereas we appreciate some RU agent to have a good job on had a lot of demand on that. I'll be right then you will meet eagle on the all right mullah document. Regular.