Tammy Pescatelli interview

Thursday, April 27th

Comedian Tammy Pescatelli stopped by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about her shows at Comedy Works South, working on her new special and more!  Get your tickets at ComedyWorks.com


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Is Dem result today's comedy comedy 1031 is big my man I'm so happy. Person back it studio right back here comedy 131. This week in the comedy works out the landmark. I'd like to welcome back Tammy has the tally was up every thing you could be here it's good to see you good morning and that got us an extra happier there because it's like Friday and Saturday was was like me of this knows I'm glad you brought your sunshine tour alive. Well you're the only person ever that Saddam is suspects. At a sunshine. So I'm gonna do it's it's Colorado it's yeah as some kind I don't know what it's gonna it's funny though the only thing that's good about snow is that no one's gonna bother me. Go hiking and I love coming to Denver McDonald's thing and became instinct came when you do on little lunch with the and the key local slow leak. Global political forum I don't sit and he liked him. He's and I am. Yeah I don't know although I mean I Gaza Reza still that they wanna go hiking in the snow normally do that don't mind a high goggle like I went I last week from a muddy. In all that I don't on one night. I'm not hike in the snow on applicants for the Eddie yet that's it and that's only for award as a talent Jun do's. You know get a couple new YouTube account you guys ready for Sammy and yet. Well what were glad you. Sony duty hike in this week is doing the comedy you're right back here com who works out well mark I remember. You you're one of the first people I interviewed. Couple years ago Austin comedy or talk about then you were at the downtown club leaders talk about what an experience it is. At the sixteenth street Maude and the I don't think you'll have to go albeit quite a different experience obviously in the south clubs quite different in the sixth district. Or greater don't yet there's some there's something about walking down steps. Descending. From earth level. In more in an Amy it and you start comedy it's places seven rings of like Dante's and currently the comedy. Below ground. Is when it's good it's like it's crazy thing. And we have great chosen veered south at that it's just a different thing it's a leg that room is set up. As it in the in the south through ms. like. It's like your had a heater you're at it I mean you're a dare that is it's like your tape and special. Every single night people want to look it's just a presentation makes a choice. It's just the environment around the sixteenth street mall is a very unique place it's quite given the dagger in the lamb marked average as we're talking about Betty Currie at the compared to sometimes think you're walking and Walking Dead episode. It just days ago at the time locking down and I love yet not yet it tickled to seal which it actually it. That they're try they're trying to make you know clean clean up I guess supposedly images have like randomly. The bit by bit I think this couple weeks and others are a couple months back there's a bit of a guy just running around with. Some some the industry people just randomly and it's like a yeah. I'm hope that wasn't his penis that's on I don't think hey Natalie did and lock it down thereto and trust me. They're used to that weird stuff down and things like that you know in Indiana every time you want you want to see some snags due bunting environment no use staying spec that's not -- community about the environment do you use Yoder an early shower that. I'm playing I'm trying my best to cause global warming that we don't have snow man. Nearly a mile and a was big on how would you. Craziness get ready to do another special place yeah. I'm excited about it because I think. You know I think I've waited. Until I had a really a lot of people like things are turning up the special so or not that special. And I think this is time this I last specially taped his 2013. So disciplined as long overdue I think I was ready last year by. ID get the rights to it back from a production companies and can do in August at the way afterschool special. The way after school yes don't engage a crazy as I believe that everything my generation learned as an afterschool special apparent that it. Talk to us it and they NTELOS. And then you know they all had themes so my theme is don't engage crazy like. You don't want downtown Denver. And think you're gonna have philosophical content to send somebody that's just me. This and he GS was picked in his no spin can't really talk to him about global warming but he was deep in thought while he was the announcement tomorrow winner that's that he was doing. Hey you know there's an interest in time now with comedy and like stand a special because you know before you obviously in HBO's Showtime's complement to that out. Via TV and and obviously Comedy Central came and now you Hulu and Netflix YouTube he's. Is he still looks like so many options out there. Yeah it's like I just wanna get this done I'm even thinking that I made and Sally I think I might just put it aptly can you would never thought that the thing you had to sell it. It is and I'm thinking that I may just have oh released where people. You know I was think it is starting actually kinda gotta go find me that like a fun for people. And just people you don't almost like a Jon Bon Jovi restaurant like they'd donate it what you can laugh at you need to jail or you know and will give it to somebody says I can't build a house but I packed house Jay had. And but you know and Mosul happened with you know. Whatever you do they'll let us knows we help you know. I've trees you know if that ago and I appreciated as an election it's. I just planned it today people on stage and like he can't be sensitive. This all comics are doing trying to make you laugh 45 minutes out of your day we are specifically trying to take Q on your problems. In deliver you into Mars. Which is rare in seems like everybody else in your life is trying to do the opposite might vote it's not my fault. Pitcher married and you hate your spouse it's not my fault that you don't have the guts to eagle changed. It's not my fault that you didn't. Plain and your student loans accordingly right. Like some people don't need comedy they need their all right so I can't help you with that but why keep comics a hard time. But why they picking on content like systematically go on comics for something they say when I. Life has been dedicated to making Catholic as the dumbest thing in the world it's almost like taken eight. I think at think social media has helped amplify light that that the Twitter it's that what are critics in the tournament it just. You know when you're behind a keyboard duty you know maybe a little bravery does or is you know you'll board and activism it will board just one idea. You can find something anything to complain about life and comedies such an easy target them at. OK tell it to the course of the day just your comedy how many calls about 84 different optics. Why don't cut a comedy about guns why don't comedy not about god I don't comedy about Republicans and comedy about Democrats it. I'm like it's comedy it's okay it's looking at the world and making jokes about it. That's exactly and that's of pointing to his people taken out of context like if you two into the station. You should know it's all about jokes yeah if you don't. Like jokes there are other plate that's called the Pacific comedy is news although sometimes now it's at the same thing. He's been that way seven jokes and it's not thing is happening right now that didn't happen twenty years ago we just talk about it in a different weight is twenty years ago they might not want to talk about it they weren't putting it all out there for people to know. Exactly fifty years ago. It would note that all these exact same topics are happening so it's nothing new. Different twists on a different different voices different opinions opinions that somebody doesn't take it worked hard won head of the they wanna make it easy. On some obscure. Up in pace that's not good idea of CNET and we've just we've got Teddy baskets Eliot studio she is it comedy works out lamb marking it those tickets economy works dot com. On so is this summer as some of the stuff we do on this weekend's sudden you're special and all is there. Am not saying every single thing is set up for this hour and really I'm really run and it trying to get it tonight because that whole thing is don't engage crazy list. This hole and I think that's kinda. I don't have a message I'm certainly not a message come but I know who I am. Blake you know I know land every minute of every day so everything is from a certain perspective. That this is out like. You know how it's not a Ted topped by any stretch of the imagination. But I think when you leave I want you walk away elect might take home gift to you is. Know the signs some crazy people stab yourself and getting involved in the like guys and I have. Brothers and cousins you know they wake up like three years in a relationship that. Guerrero was crazy she straightened Mikey she's crazy they it's not quite a while her hair and your. I see that's great that's right there at like these two. You did know you you blinded yourself to that fact yeah he wanted to sleep with their youth shouted down. Greg and what I what I like his meal when comedians come here the other stuff with the special cool thing about these shows as I mean. You know if you go to the shows this weekend you might see stuff that does end up in the special casinos people working on the special or whatever so. You know you go watch a special is a finished product but you know you go to these shows you get to see some maybe the rest of the country to see. You know yeah. Dozens and I'm right here a lot because I feel comfortable to take the risks on stage yet so will more than likely. Has always happened for me is I come up with material on here because it am this is such a an amazing audience. Comedy works is cultivated. Such re comedy Utley takes a long time to become a comedian. But it takes a long I mean I mean a good comedian you know and and I and each time you put fresh and good comedians the pressure on themselves to continue to be an. Takes a long time to become a good comedy audience they can have a role in this. He need to count the write comedy club helped put. Limits on them well well at some unfortunate things here in Colorado. Com he works here. In just over the decades to build such a great audience sports on. It like you'd be here in negative stuff Mike commodore 31 magma. I'm gory this but again I think that I think people think you're like two innings. Don't count on hiding people there keep their houses they don't you don't know Bennett down open to. I'm from Cleveland trust me your money to put gloves on a modest Walking Dead on there. Kenya due latch like I did it dad didn't like doing it yeah and up until like the last episode yet. Corey easy you lied that the players the drama the Walking Dead died out at me it is because that is because the Netflix. I got so used to binging shows I'm not used to watching your show as it lives up to wait every week Kuwait or months away but like now we got to wait till like Halloween. Amount of amount shows right now because I did the shows I watch it at blocking did. Game it's grounds re down in shameless right like death. And I am none of those aren't season right now and I do not know what to do with myself on like watching dock it Casey Anthony document that's going. Crazy this statement is on that group like it's amazed talked about. Don't engage the crazy. That Brian is a cute look like dishonor it at a club like she's Q did they realized like she bit. Letter war like every only Q there may be age he's out Roland herb Magee an error. It's bad that OJ Simpson's story like that documentary is like like six hours long some accepted back I was running as but that's probably net flicks. Gives you an binge mode now when you watch these shows as they produces it's it's kind of mess with my eighty dear what it is. But yet. I just wanna seats at the end yeah exactly just on almost reachable on us that you can't skip the anymore because summer always blows it on social media so if you decide not to watch your show that you have to stay out Internet too because it's on every ash tag everywhere I get to. A 48 hours a metal mentioned who died with the 48 hours later give a senior not a fan this joke. Don't read much of a talk about Percy dies at some dialogue with the. Let my friends ended up being cast on. Unlocking did and I'm still excited for her. When I hate it because it takes me out a bit like I Loveland. Look at the builder right out well agrees comics of all time night super good guy stupid you know. And mine. And I saw him on. Breaking bad in the bell. Was so happy for them to get tax but then I was like. A brief like that's burner but it didn't let that. I don't kind of you know you cut and for the. Taking me. My. They SE yeah. The testimony to it is via well. I want to thank you make it tough wrestler said this weekend. It's going to be like a cool outside Sydney get to a comedy club last jump and all the identical six or accommodate Tammy does daily. She's a comedy works out landmarks and thank you for always making time for us overcome north through one you eventually think all right thanks Tammy.