Marlon Wayans Interview

Friday, April 21st

Marlon Wayans stopped by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about his shows at Comedy Works South, his new NBC show Marlon, his new Netflix movie coming out in August and much more! 



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Ever so today's comedy comedy 1031 is big my man I'm I'm happy to get me out run through credits with. We'd be here for another twenty minutes as. Let's just say this man this thing is accurate is this week in a comedy works out I'd like to welcome back Marlon Williams a map as happened and you don't. Welcome back to Denver found that the move would make them. To just. I can almost that affects them and I'm glad to be ya can't breed them that could be here. Way of course I have to apologize obviously there's ordeal like less oxygen here anyway but exports when he weekends. Even that is less talk and it's all. Knocks out right exactly swim NTT CT AC TA same thing Elena as some that's dyslexic too easy and I and I am happy because you came in at a major last time you're here you have like a broken hand or messed up ressam ledger all. I'm glad drawn together. Was Delhi two years ago or that last year. That was two years ago. And it's dumb sob broke and I still well though you do that public and soon you're dead broken in Austin Paul you know what people remember that you battle to the paying does that do it though duke is that you don't read don't care if he's got a parental care less known don't care if you broke him in and I don't know that it is a comedy disability or not but I mean it is probably not that it you have to work no matter what we're moment so it bugged about had a broken laid. About and when the cards and go long the economic summits go push you up all that is what god can do anything else or he's it just its 2017 they can do is live streaming to FaceBook live to say it. I seen the greatest thing ever seen Richard Pryor in a wheelchair. When he had hit it amass and usually affect his body and he. His wife. At a time rule zoom into the company's two and I watched some forms set about themselves and about. MS as effective. And I say you know it. That's who I wanna go or go out making people smile making you laugh and talk about whatever afflictions is happening in my life. It's as Al greatest therapy and you know being Clara if you can laugh in my experience. You know and it makes your day better so you know makes that mine. I like a it's weird and I'm wasting. Time. Just a you know I was not happy that your hand was our our job to happier all good right now I. You have them but there was a lot of people out details hey you and I leave and houses dig it always. Seems. Little smirk lives below. The editors say my hand and even even Hollywood stones break their hands on would have I just don't submit to you want to about Hollywood stars as the very big year for you got to log on especially this summer including your own show called Marlon I mean yeah when you have your own sit com your own show just named after you first named Marley and I mean that's got to be it's. Awesome especially if it's. X success yes it did bulbs. Well I am stuck with sentiment not yet at this mall implement bull. My aunts and Scholl Molly. Wannabes so to me. Yet priest in my life is it appropriate dad and divorce are appropriate and I keep them together when you still when you divorced and you know you you know. Haven't six which ex wife is just the level and is it got a family and you know you got. Two kids that you may sue you don't get if that only worked through it. So it's great cast me as the second recent win deal Renault and did you two incomes on August 16 at nine and nine there. And I got a movie naked for Netflix. Coming out. Obviously you use it all the spectrum right area TV get Netflix and a stand trying to calm and him every which way possible because I am trying to grow as an artist. And the I want to get to that undeniable place we just go young and asked the funniest of them play. And NASA that's all I'm too and he's the funniest dude on the planet and did that in the other. People course on the planet that's a would be one of the facilities to. Be fun is to. Well and as some people better fought its specific things maybe they can do what I and videos of yeah you can hit it and you can hit a whole bunch of us again how to make people laugh when I saw them think about me. He knows he leaned yeah. Movies component of all. Eyes were people who feel good about the things they did to them wanting to move on to your life. I am wanting to hopefully make adjustments still. What I mean united half which you already accomplished some of that song so much you work. Stands the test of time when that you white six W Madison whatever you know even Hewitt badly currently everything is you know people you don't roles that people look at remember forever people always a common whites exit unloaded and remember onion demos is ultimately. They'll remember it hits after a tidbit yesterday don't yesterday actually a great leader had showed that I mom. Producing OK it's called high crimes are for MTV says about the stupid things that people is to the cries of commitment. Least it's we have a lot of options I'll settlement. I think people get and Disney jumping it's so. Well like he's also stand at bats this weekend it works out to get those tickets like candy comedy works dot com. Who shows today to show them all to use once on Sunday so 715. And 945. Tonight at eight. Saturday. Said the team would flunk Sunday seven. Thirty all of that right there to come on downing beautiful weekend for comedy. Marlon yours make top Reza appreciate them differently it would have broken handle and that worked at a time probably smells right because I like that would we have that it smells amazing air right now my way it's okay to take The Commodores baca.