Kathleen Madigan Interview

Thursday, May 4th

Kathleen Madigan is at the Paramount Theatre in Denver on Friday and Saturday Night and she called in to talk about the shows, her new Netflix special and more!


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It is Amber's home for today's comedy comedy 131 it's big my command I'm excited to have this person on the line right now she is at the Paramount theatre tomorrow night and Saturday night is the new comedy for thirty years is big steal on and I can't wait to see here in Colorado we have Kathleen Madigan what's. Number. Welcome back to the mile high city. Yes cited in the leather. Our complement to any better. I'm AA you lucked out we we've had and the like the last 24 hours we've had so no seventy degrees random and we've got an at all. What will finally got that our adding that happening when I am. In among looked like you brought the sons and ask her a. Amid a little credit crunch absolutely we accidentally Matty is the Paramount theatre tomorrow Saturday this to its economy went 31 dot com what's been gone now with the. On the road and hitting it much traveled everywhere. Staying busy bury it because it not only are you doing your sore right now but later this year coming up in November you're dropping your fifth special bothering Jesus and it's actually a third time working with Netflix yeah what's it like when you get like a special race together measure on the road you're you're getting ready for years special come out what's it like put all that together. It. It's easier just I'm Anke contract Obama is up and thrown at some Serb orders that you don't increase in. The comment that it. With Netflix you know back in the day you know when you're doing a comedy special obviously the forums to release that you just pretty much talent you know HBO or showtime or Comedy Central now you have Netflix and Hulu would always different methods and you know Netflix I think this year almost every single week on their putting out a new comedy special you know with yours coming out November do you do you think that this is you know they're being such you know a huge amount of content being pushed out that it's a better like it's better for the coming Ozzy think there's just so much in your face that kind of everything kinds of blend together what you think about. It long and it you already have a say in my cue it up and they currently are to have people like any. Luckily the end they know now it's it's awesome that available on Netflix like our advantage and initiate that he'd better or. Early bird Mon but it your mineral and I'd still liking her yet you know you're in it like a library which is really good so. You know even appear on her own on somebody might stumble on it would have been better chance than that it was just on TV at the important. And they don't like. Europe and enough he. Did it is an anti money and currency needs a one mile. Just a stand of not easy you know profession necessary to succeed in in you know to make this you know a thirty year almost career you know for anyone it's been you know trying to be just get their foot in the door to an open mics right now in trying to they wanna do comedy do you have any advice form. And you can keep telling jokes I like the way I did it I don't think I probably would be definitely would be out so. He can't Al ready to eat it not Asia keep getting better now Leonard Padilla all work out and. You know people laugh hopefully they'll they'll bring you back for a second night. How this weekend your back here in academic Colorado Paramount theatre two nights tomorrow night and Saturday night Denver such a great comedy crowd wasn't great at comedy clubs when you see Denver pop and calendar does it does it pop video like does inspire any feelings that might not you know might be different from the other cities go around the country. You know I mean in the early. And I predict right there's there's how many pounds and then they're not like normally into the music you know easily art itself. Comedy it's indoor and let. Denver ballot supported it so much at least it on the calendar this kind of her release can it will be yelled at. People like you many people out there and you need to do this did. It is it easy it's friendly on it like a look back at work vacation. It's just a relief you have like Hulk like double barreled up. At a bakery we can add it showed that I'm really bought. Why November's excited to have you back and we wanna thank you for making time for us here comedy went through one like it's that. You get those tickets common 131 dot com Kathleen Madigan lab at the fair amount theater tomorrow night and Saturday night. You know next time you come attempt to flee makes in time for a little.