Josh Wolf Interview

Thursday, March 30th

Comedian, TV Show, Writer and Author Josh Wolf stoppyed by Comedy 1031 and talked with Big Mic about his shows at Comedy Works this weekend, some hilarious stories of hosting Shark After Dark and Naked After Dark, and much more!   


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Yes her. Is Jim result today comedy comedy 1031 as big my eye candy is studio. Oh we have a man who's here this weekend coming works downtown I mean. At turn writer and TV CTV show host and neck and and this weekend he's he's doing stand up there right here and AMOCO renal and like to welcome Josh wolf with a man and it did I miss anything on there. Well let me ask you some appliances. Are you the only person in my slippers and it. We see if I see pier on front of me I just have to put them you know you got to lose that's a cool soothing feeling. I just don't I don't even though it is definitely my hands dirty but if I just see it on account or I get the game ever. Are you and I music you live it's I mean would you assume if it's there to must be a reason than they give is there like this must be a dirty place yet. Sadly they're saying hey guys gag you you put the last guy. Yeah no one knows Vincent and that's the right there you wash your hands do you have. I have but in my hand and no comedian. I don't. Are you kidding me they yeah a huge IE would you allow one report that all over the microphone I am intrigued Islam when. I'm building at the Asia attitude about real quick that's inundated it wasn't and deadly and have appear in the mouth and you were. A bit of yet to taste bureau. You have occasion that I there and on the go. It and I wouldn't take it as a there audits or you have I imagine well I mean not only for three outs a couple of lucky. You offered money up right now I'm wondering how much it would take for you to. I mean I don't thrown off for Ramey we're gonna have we're gonna have to define doll I guess question number one has to you obviously survived your experience with it yet that grew out yeah. I'm Mayo ideally. Eyes night greats like dead because knowing. How hungry is. I would offer of a certain amount of money do you think ministries doe myth about. And then you really mean that was Niagara area why should. Barack has great bet Askgreta fairly important underhand I don't know opponent through that all the way down my esophagus now there's a reason that it probably says your Dionne BA you know do most things that you don't. Neat most things you don't need a science has done. I honestly would say that your room would be one of this. Because. It doesn't look terrible right any kind of smells like you know like. Is really the extreme. Mouth strict mints or error. You put it on your Tony I switched. My tests migrants can be fresh for five year oh yeah he looks good so it seems like this could be that okay. Anti bacterial. In theory. Being either and for those of us who aren't that Smart we don't know like. Why that would it is refreshing to show why would that be it blood of vaccinations. I'd you know if they admire her for a little while but in the long run it's gonna do you very well. And it has killed more than 99.9. 9% of germs. We eat this you don't think Ellen did you remember that the fact that at the edge everywhere about the literally the percentage of how much how many people it might kill if you drink it up very well turn it also doesn't say you know with as chairs and did -- to -- the price of every living everything is living in your mouth just putting your gums and your tongue and you take back there that helps you digest wanna. He oh but I. It will be clean man and for the right amount of money in my view not worth it yeah I would suggest you of that I'd now that which I think the a cockroach ones. Okay. That was on TV and easily. I was hosting a show. I used to host a live show. They ever heard of that circle naked after dark I mean Nicky is negative rate you didn't make it after dark I added a united dark and we did alive and we did it with the contestants and so. I get asked them all the questions that you wanted he knows it was really very cool and have it somewhere. Interesting how people out of it a perfect. But I want it shows I was like I pay the owners are going to do I go I should eat whatever they ate to survive. You know I should have the option so. They bring out your host Victor commits to hurt the most I do see if I told you some system that I did. But it's I was like OK what they options of the options were maggots. Any any guy brought out huge chain maggots these big blue. Caterpillar's it looks like they should command Harry Potter. Again Olympic they were about to spread some wings and some goals gonna come off the wings when I've learned that you leave the bright colorful ones the ones you wanna stay away from well also. I assume was to do with this and this looks delicious Lillian looks like gummy worm. And and now just out Robin I don't need my government you don't mean. And again I was like well how are you. How are you with late texture would mean he has. That's gonna explode in your mouth and us everywhere I go using its fields with do. Is it's like it's going to be like biting into. A really feet. They can smaller egg roll fielded jelly cook at and that the one with a cockroach not just for whatever reason to be Maggie Maggie signifies. Just guessing morning. You give death. And yeah yeah yeah. Dvi maggot over records. No no I don't. I mean I think a cockroach other via a Indiana Jones temple a joke in some crimes and you know it was like do as of one of those big oil wants. And the guy that OK it's I arm I like to see you know when it is before the Chicago many that are now so he's living are these daddy's okay. So as me. Michelle beatle. The great man am I the only show me why did to the fight their but you don't feel added you know Michelle Villa. She's woman on sports nation tegra it does on the MBAs have Prius PA and new. And so I pastor Thomas show in the institute contests. And the bug yeah sizing our everybody really cockroach. And I bite into it and you know. You ever heard freshen up gum. You know I just explode human offers in that so I just Kenneth. I shouted in I am I she never a quickness on down and bridges go right afforded you take a minute did did did you delay kind of at a gym and Adam playing object is going to be in package of out of play but if you think. I've been here in the plane that anything diluted ago. And I get yeah yeah up yet to be a bunch job easier job. So you can't stare at the cockroach is not get any better write your brain isn't gonna somehow convince you that is totally cool. Toilet what was as a double bilateral rogue cockroach or was this a single what's that like Kentucky that look like three inches permit area. Yes you that's negated Jordan that's him that's I said. So I said all right so. I bite down. Chew chew swallow. And then I show. As does that in my mouth when I open my mouth beetle that she gag and a little bit but I could believe she did I did I. A scholar was his joke and it did do it she was she was so balls they do it and then to do on the show weighted down the bug and that right. And then after the show they gases to me goes whoop from the days. You know what he uses for her to tell you that's really important to make sure that you killed the cockroach in your mouth. And Leo what do you mean he has a lot he has you know what can happen. Is these cockroaches are so big he see Aybar had a cockroach and a half ago yet the top path Liz is right. He says he just took the cockroach in that. On the way down your throat I've seen it happen that the Tucker just so alive which is grabs out in multiple sides people choke and die and I was like. You gonna tell me. That's like with when we did them live TV music I was injured you're gonna do it by Tony Blair cabinet accept. Like to know that there's an option of debt today. What is she doing more time. And allows somebody told him before telling you like look there's opportunities dollar ratings guy to skip this will be integrate TV moment on another one of the live shows ninety board discovery I did it on shark week. I did issue a chart after dark. We like the king of that app of the late night life afterwards TV shows specials I mean what I did it for discovery for a couple of years a day for our most of their shows. But I love alive I always tell people menace something about alive. That even when nothing goes wrong there's a different energy. Does a different energy and once something does go wrong. The audience loves it the people at home love it you know it was like here in Washington for The Sopranos and Alitalia this of The Sopranos. Well many great is that they showed the brutality right in in when people died they died or lift equally. Right political imported punches. But people in dial time but you always on the edge you see that somebody to death is when they died they died suddenly and by. Well it's the same idea and live TV. If you if something weird happened every show it wouldn't be deal. But if something weird happens every once in awhile keeps people on the edge of the seat looking around for something happened. Now most TV networks are scared. Of live TV in for good reason because there is gonna happen and many of comedian housing. I forgot to ask you to begin this show if I could swear I haven't the censor myself like dirty time right. So you know for if you have somebody hasn't done radio or has them live TV. Eighteen get Dicey we were talking about on the right over here there's certain stations that won't have comedians in just because they don't want to tourists there. Delegate so but on discount that is everyone. The other thing we did want to circuit are we had a guy come on. Who you can see he has these body suits you can see in my life where he puts his arm and sharks miles yeah and they shake him about. And it doesn't peers to see now. It ripped the his arm at the side it now because it's a shark. But. So we wanted to test it on Marcia. So. I had one of the guys on my friends from them the Walking Dead again named Michael Cummins played Abrams and he came mine stabbed. Right about the heart. And you can find that I line. Probably Josh wolf shark after dark Billy you're lucky just by instinct and then go put ahead because there either and I. Table and at loud and he did it hard enough where the knife. And it's. He stabbed you once I as a martyr. Instead I mean again and it's one of the reasons I think in network like me is they knew that for me once I was in the moment and in the cockroach. And eating yeah let's make the best TV we can make. And east I mean that last one where the knife that dude in two AC. You can see my face in the clear. Because like if it didn't pierce the skin. But it went. The knife the blunt force went through my mosque. All my there but it was brutal and then. Just McDermott is a comic who's on the show broke this dude hand with that nice but didn't see that did that. Clip on line two is amazing to you concede he searched a really used to that Russian thing through the fingers. And you can see when he hits the dues paying hard with a nice they didn't break the skin and so this works. You could see where he broke his hand his face is that. I don't mind. What is taking heat just this. There are a lot of disclaimer signed or whatever before before this no talent a new. Television. There was one clip on from that and that show where tier I interviewed terror read in her brain broke on TV. I asked if she's. As you sit in their shoes promoting certain NATO's use like. So like and when I came on the show I didn't wanna sound stupid say Google. Google which are. And thank you will whale shark because they that that's on a whale sharks had sex. And everyone is image. I'm now okay. As using it turned their sharks and and whales are both mammals. So they can have sex again and and let you don't want that Obama island aha misusing with who has six dolphins and we earlier. A she yeah. It's grueling match if it's one of my favorite thing you know they're really brought helpless tornado like typically. Until you. Showed tremendously. Because I almost every radio station in the country called me the next day like. What happened there but I wouldn't that out of Canada. I think she is opened amount player and you have to do for a driver or put an African. Sorry that she has the best guess you never have we answered back in next year's she rushed it. We have hoods just Waltz in studio he's a calendar works at downtown this week it's obviously it would house about Samir TV gigs bleed this weekend you hit the stage yeah stand up and you know obviously would that you did a lot of alive aspect of its sometimes people do TV shows and yet the experts at least whoever you. You had a reaction what what is about standard that you like going back to win. You know hidden the. Hit the road well if you can't tell just by me sit here. You know the but if you can't just sitting here. Are. Obviously got a bureau right yet you have when is your if you can't tell from BC here I am I likes a mystery tale and I like counselors. And so. IE. EE because of that lake sometimes. Well sometimes I. I can tell an entire act of an hour of just stories on my kids and it's a last week and I did an hour of what my specials going to be. And then it meant that my Saturday early show them percentage I did different cola. Dead in magic is one it's 22 rivers goes to your shows are like sometimes if I know people are coming in the early show like. In their friends of mine and they they were gonna stay out to a different. And the end lake Saturday. I might do I might run my hour. MIC remedy our I'm I'm working on this hour. That is. What I love about it is it starts with a one story and ends with the same store and so what I wanted it to be was. You know we are you number vaguely it does those one person's judgment so I wanted to see to have a feel of oh this is one piece. But more stand that and their big that is a little more theatrical right there so I eighths it standout but it's one. It's it's it's one store merit and so. That I am just working that through right now last week and it is. Why is standing ovation which was. I don't I have and I'm not used to that they are not. Amended the standing out about the guy pose as you had noticed. Any and I'm OK there weren't many in DC. A lot of weird and a bomb you know I feel like the Chelsea Lately grant branded me a certain type of comedy and in it's not. Let's not who I am and I am not that I'm not bagging that branded all priority seemed to me like you know my social media following 79% women. I couldn't be more. I'm out of massages calico but I couldn't be more. Have they do feel but bros don't on the much right. The Rosie didn't come come back this is oh yeah yeah yeah isn't really debt you know enemy but. It's could gather waters is sharp sharp rapid market and almost any get them now that again that a bunch is settled fighter that is on your ideas by gasses like that. Yes so you know the early show. What we're working on the bros module on Twitter where where. Casual comedy OK I only am doing I do podcast of treatments junior Copeland to the wolf in witches. Do and he's got up. Except that any of the stories about his dad are like in you know are you a comedy. Merit at all the governor says do you mean do you and your velocity offering prince. The area his dad. Gap I mean that and it's a and a kid with the movies yet added WW you know he's done. Definitely. We had this topic of the day because you know he is schooling me a little bit on it. We have this Tug of the day about who I was likely think the best managers of all time. You know he's that you get to begin a mites you've got to be good on the might be a manager. And I still I was late for me the best of all time is still kept in live Lleyton was ready made better music and Kevin is that Susan the volume of wrestling guy don't dress like reducing can't wrestle mania this weekend we using definitely the best of all. I mean I they even though is Maurice and Paula Hammond big guns don't do it slightly to undertake right he's without Brock Lesnar. Who's this weekend Brock Lesnar space and bill Goldberg and wrestle mania is the guy who is that a ball there a bad. All better. I'll bear with a classic too. And he he needs at that hard kids who. You know in Freddie used to write for Debian. He eased some fascinating stories I'm telling you guys like that they were Freddie and mine I guess because of Freddie is they. Star Wars. The 22 count as a massive he's gamer. He's got he had he's had a bestselling cookbook. And we're all dads but he's also coming aired that he knows deep stuff. So he can talk about any. And fighting he's like a golden gloves boxer and he's busy round bout jujitsu. He's you know he's made necessary Michelle gathered two's it's a really cool stories about Hollywood now Hollywood then the podcast is like. It's it is blowing. I mean. Already get to be able to tell great stories together. Do I gotta imagine it's good that it's a great combination is a mentality and I am I gonna tell any his stories I have written the minister is what does dad. In the stories of people tell that his dad. Are like that and then you know this week we talked about I asked them and said you know. Did every script come across your desk and music games in the ninety's you take all the teams groups in this. Yeah I asked him who will what role if you can pick any role. Like we around that time where you really and I 81 to deal. And music you know what it would have been what was that one Val Kilmer did where you see for Smart. I can't remember the name. Jeanne realty real genius real genius there's number real genius through Virginia is a and genius he's gonna kill me because this is one of the things that he. Gets out of me about I remember I do a lot of that love it would be midnight it was benign religion as many as well out of jail really is what they're real genius. Yet Cheney's guy genius man. It was called relative. 1985 there the year barber. So he said he was like yeah man he was the is before my time but I can play because we were talking about. I wondered out loud. Why eight. The great teen movies were in the eighties some ninety's but we'd gauges are here. Like you nobody's writing John used tight. Great teen incomes stairs hit a maiden I mean I I'm trying to think maybe super bad as the last one I can think of that really that wasn't a romance that was like you don't mean just. Jake kicked kids go to the Romeo to there was some that was great American think of TV anything after super. Recently now mean because Michael Serra grip too quick and drove it that pager and the region and which. Also adults then there is a force of that wasn't let me ask you like feels like it but the aid but no like breakfast club than. No no. Restaurant scene with Anthony Michael Hall from weird science. Way and I'm sure they should. What it's like you know the the stand out and out it's so big box office now it you know it seems like comic book movies are taking the place of that area. It's like as you see when you watch the Oscars a mean. One of the running jokes or most of it was like to pride and watch his movie but here is best movie you know like. Although all the good quality movie sometimes you don't even know they exist well yeah I had a. I also go like I understand that but I also like once. And I think I think Howard Stern has talked about this little bit but I couldn't agree more like. What the this in the images A is agent also. Made a lot of money man uses on a put it up for best picture he's Intel there most of us they were down there yeah I mean like I get. The man just about as these are great but easy and nominate nine Manchester by Aziz. And is to be a category for these big movies Omega that's us like the average person. We'll watch the the attack at the of the UK more because the host the call. We said that they are in people's civilization just to beavers sells millions directors does he deserve to vina he is nominated her he's nominated Blake. They're tough times and I'll I'll. I'll losses music awards shows a Mike that's garbage but I get it there are forty million people downloaded it who may be on the dumb ones gonna mean. And it's mixed in a little bit. The the pop be. Broad. Peeled everybody's stuff is mixed in with like a sterile citizen or somebody that you know I mean you know at the movies all they only people's that. There was much like a movie like Star Wars the had a lot of graphics to get a grass you know that's that's all next. Eight billion dollars we have to recognize it's a pretty. And I am more movies they have a horror movie category in room movies horror or heard the Internet access. They got navy endorsed the million toys today together or other combat horror movies I don't know horror category. Men. A great question yeah. Man like but so what they're not doing is now they've batted like Golden Globes about it comedy it and so. Asked anybody OK let me just I know your equipment your jags are we getting over the dissidents. What's harder acting your comedy comedy and what's awesome is so nasty that day. I think and in an interview who's the they guide is best most brilliant 250 media said that person doesn't exist then comedies too hard. They're good people won Oscars as as as teenagers there musicians hit huge 21. Find me the 25 year old genius comedian doesn't exist because we do think it's there but maybe put a lot that is it a different. Is a different time period yet to put in and a different set of experience yes have they view the change is comedian under the age of thirty. That pars and in the U Nicole there will remain. What if they exist they're probably doing open mikes at the moment. Probably you know try to get their way and are doing a YouTube channel. Because of the youngest. Huge comic we had. Now I think Michael. SNL. Maybe a couple of two. They're great comics they might sell a couple of tickets. Great comic stand and and young Miami area of the united in my head because these as reasons our enemies know me the best comics like into. For you my best yet. Off on me that it was a K is awesome. The over forties is that the only having get to the great ones like animated commandeered Congo or would do a decade and a guy and I so yeah. But yeah it's. They're all you know been around the game for one and you get a two year window down and then you're 20 yeah. Netflix is different now the whole time. We've got jobs wall brave man has been great job that we viewed your he's going to be economy were downtown. You've got a whole bunch of stores like that and I like you said sometimes show a difference about like orbit shows this weekend but don't go all four. Yet there of Orlando budget a degree and do the special ones show I think Saturday rarely Obama doing completely different hours Saturday late. And then depending on Friday in the enclave images chaplin's images Ilya just wolf thank you so much from example a man.