Heather Mcdonald Interview

Thursday, February 16th

See Heather Mcdonald at Comedy Works South this weekend!  (2/16-2/18) 


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Is devers over today's comedy cabbie 131 as big Mike excited. To get this person Backus juicy always makes conference when she's in town in this weekend's G is in town a comedy works out we have Heather McDonald also another. I tell you know what a beautiful weekend here it's a great disheartening yeah seventy degrees today. On my what is this is a global warming or just got winking out of the other day we had the hottest day of February in history like the hottest day period out of eighty days of how hot was is eighty. Well yeah eighty degrees. So it maybe is global warming may is a warm day it defend them yes right exactly guest Donald Trump know. If you just because somebody if you ask of the Bill Gates yes or right and no doubt about it it's because he's baking everything grade. Cells that are there on an 88 degree day and dagger ability. America's great against the thank goodness or warm or warm again I'll take warm February is all day I mean yeah. You know I I've got to imagine that somewhere we can put the polar bears up north but I mean you know it's OK okay it's okay what's going on what you welcome back to Denver. Same can I just been doing a lot of shows I'm doing my GCs you sure can I have a podcast called GC skip with Heather McDonald I do it twice week and it's been. An amazing. Thing and getting really fans super involves and excited about everything so today's podcast I have. And grow from there to pump rules you strike me as some of that watches a lot of Bravo company every day she. I know what the many you said that's not like my hot my heart jumped like whatever gossipy juicy thing I had. Josh Mankiewicz from my favorite show dateline on like what as I'm just into any juicy scam other one got hurt and now I gotta say congratulations to your blog has discuss a couple weeks ago. Yet the 100 mark episode 100 yes I did I'm doing live taping now McDonough and won it in Thailand during another one. And people like love that name. But I mean it's great just go out to stand applicant in his we can't learn to cite your right there in the club and that really fun. What may what made decides or the podcast you know obviously there's there's a lot of podcast and right into sort of breakthrough but obviously you know -- has been a success what inspired you to start on the and because after Chelsea Lately I did another show and once that show about cancer post. I said. I guess it's time for blood tests tests that that's a really did like I guess this'll be something to do it. I mean I checked my numbers from the crew soliciting an intern asked me this like rate. A great day and there are so many but. That's just saying their can be is there can be every single person on earth can have a podcast it doesn't matter it's not like. You know an ABC primetime lineup where there's only room for four shows. You know it's kind of great like that in and I I love having Mac control and but not end that the best ones do rise to the top and people here reckon there are a lot of crappy ones to reroute literally just hearing. Someone talk on the bed to their childhood friend you know like I am and kill myself don't mind telling don't have. My podcast. Or you don't want I immediately or your child why are you hate on me in my best friend backup podcast listen what. I think your your best not a day. Oh and sorry but Gaza mean it. I mean that's what it's called me in my best friend in my bed podcast in the see you at the end without actually be a great name for Apollo now now you're trying to topple now I'll allied allied you know ethnic you can't you can't back tracked you already feel that you ruined my childhood dreams OK and my childhood friends dreams I guess there's a partnership was friends forever for you appreciate that we we have Heather McDonald and here sort of my dreams is the company works out Lamar I have a small beef with you plant have a small beef with you last time you're here you're here great time yes as the weekend. Two days later no actually the next day I was there watching TV and all of a sudden the news is go crazy. Heather McDonald beef and beef vegetables and the and yet I stand before did the comedy or to have policies where we had b.s all day there's not that many comedy beast UN until the day after. Top left commonwealth through one office on this is that not like why couldn't you start the day before. But this is a JC. Skew okay have a lot of why you know what historians. But it was by the worst it's ever happened to me in my career for sure and what happened was. Prior to coming to Denver. About six took prior I was aghast on a podcast. Just aghast. And they ask you some questions about Chelsea Lately and Chelsea and and I'm pretty honest now that the show had been off for a year or so. And there are going under president had to honest. Whatever and who cares don't analyst listening anyway. And I actually called the host the O line. A couple like you know after couple weeks certainly did that air and I just never heard anything no not now it's coming it's really got to look really come a little concerned. When you asked me. He says he has one of the questions Yassin but I was on the show once and it felt like everybody's lock in NHL's Tina did you feel that way and I basically said yes. But if you lose the whole podcast which is now on. I explain that that's kind of my eight Catholic girl and now where I'm always scared and you're fired I'm always nervous and scared to one. Heard that it tucked behind their back and look. You know that Kennedy and when you have a great job. In Hollywood. Data isn't normal reaction to have a good they're hard to find that I'm a mother of three I'm over forty hours on a show or is riding in got cantv Alex. Maybe I got fired so it's in my cat right. So anyway. They take one sentence from the hourlong podcast and they gave it to GMC. TMZ made that headline which came out on Saturday afternoon as I came here in Denver I'm buying a beautiful. Winter coat. At a Salem Macy's. Advised that my phone search going crazy awesome is in Denver when this is in Denver Saturday came out and it just it says Heather McDonald lived in fear. Of her life from Chelsea handler but. And I was like war from the Fed. I didn't like after six weeks ago I don't remember what I said I mean is absolutely the real housewives of comedy like I didn't know what I said you're what say the big Mike the other day. People are going back and forth that they're saying you know don't even know who you worked with him for her or am I agree like I don't I know I met a totally annoying person. So I just don't just get ignored this because. You know she's doing another thing I'm doing nothing or not on a daily talking basis chancellor she won't be kerosene. So it starts training going crazy will finally I still ignored I don't dressed one tweak and then Tuesday morning you wake up like 5 in the morning. To listen to the podcast it just comes out Tuesday gave the sound bite on. On Saturday. I read and listened to the whole our podcasts. And I was like yeah. I say really complimentary things about her I really more self deprecating. Explain it you know no big deal if you bother to listen to the podcast. Well no one bothered to listen to it like cats including Chelsea she just heard out one line and got past. But I am driving that Tuesday morning to goodies and I was in to Howard Stern she's on our churn promoting her Netflix stuff. And they're like let's talk about this writer girl. And all my guy that you see it's it's just use every curse word in the work world about me. And says that she want to fire me years ago I selling stories about her to the tabloids which is it out now complete lie. I don't know why she said it out so much static or I don't know actually I don't. Who really believed it which I don't think it. The toilet. She was never in the tabloid magazines and neither was not she shared everything about her life so there's nothing I could have told them oh she's drinking a melt even though she touches lactose intolerant. What I think you've put everything out there and everybody. Every but again and it starts what a horrible friend. And now I turn not so I'm dying on now blocked like I bounce I can't I don't know what to do an early Tuesday. I don't have a platform to deny it. But I'm likely in bed watching all these shows like the view is like the talk the talk did something on them and Julie Chen is like well. Warm your friends. Heather McDonald and Chelsea handler. That tells only now she says that she stole sold its public stories about her have you ever been betrayed. I'll drive brand. And city I gotta like I. Did. Want to show me one derogatory article. And even if you Google that there was nothing only you know popped up what's her naked blue pictures that she posted herself there wasn't one. Big pay. I was just like insurgents weeks why did you leave her nude photos at. Good dad and Wendy Williams talked bat outside off and then all I can do is going my own podcast and say this isn't true I never did this. And I'm sorry that this happened but. It it was on plumbing the only good thing. And it took awhile but the only good team that came out of that was it just made me extremely honest in my own podcast. And I was like. I didn't do that but I'll tell you every other weird thing about my live I have a crazy sister ever restraining order against I have a brother in jail. I'm telling you this now so. That someone can't try to pretend that whenever it's on the not there's one thing in my life to its secret. Right and so in that respect I was like grateful for the situation but it was all able. Crazy how 1011 sentence out of a hole yields sixty minutes interview that is quiet and I kind of was like is this for for karma because when you reworked and Chelsea Lately we would often. They would lead to press releases that they would take one sentence Kate Hudson said the best sex of her life. Was Owen Wilson merlot father based you know what it's like who knows what that we didn't bother to read the whole article. You know we'd get that same type of sensationalized. Commentary as well so I was like well I can't really be mad at the other people because they had come up with a topic that day he and I happened to be yet. What does need you do me favors yet resist these they just say that. I think Aziz and czar is a terrible actor you just say that latter outs or goods take a one sentence and like senator DMZ. Well we'll go beyond that it's actually a bit of vinegar multi too because you're just you're taken over magazine covers left and right are out. Yeah and style that you're good thing since value on the front of two guys. None style caused now all god it's been amazing I have an amazing assistant that's very get a photo shopping Suffolk. And very clever and it's it's so spokesman had on some of these great magazine covers and an all all the articles around it is like comedy tour flooding girl issue. And but it immediately people just that volatility as drams Simi. I see it in his assume it's true I say we believed it was true that's OK you didn't. Or if you get what I love that so that I like I mean great. Magazine that they don't bring your acting adults sign up and not ours but tell everybody going to magazine is signed by Heather and I had the case. I just got who carries enough on Jonas. A subject's. There's a good answer on me now had a McDonald everybody farming too little fun videos and left the agency I've been following you for years and I've I didn't realize those. Say they're proud of fake magazine covers the well ahead why not put it out there doggone answer Graham printed out angels cited well yes I well because ago as a that's the kind of works out this weekend you know obviously haven't done so much of TV in writing and you'll know about what is it about standards that make you come back. We'll scant really. Is the greatest like hour of my life because you know it's so much fun every show is different. You can have a a crappy day and feels so appreciated. By providing UT well what's they've got a I have people that you know whether noise like this but they're now coming in they know who I am their side here my stories and sell. I'd love to I do meet and greets after every show notes I love to meet. The people and take photos with men. And so it's just it's just fun it's always fun to like you know coupled with that it was something new that David so what's going on in the world so. Yeah that's and excited to be here so I hope everybody comes out. Was is going to be a great weekend coming seventy degrees today possible record setting day. So tonight until the eighteenth Tommy were suddenly a marking get those tickets he comedy works dot com. Illicit thank you again you always make time for us when you're in town with a level when you're in town in you know have a great thank you for bringing up the worst. Moment of my life. This time last year Ngo. Again I aggressive if there is gonna be even even accidental beef please make sure as the day before I Kayla in it and the memory is not a that you had to sometimes it's about me yeah okay got to think about every time air jet. Expect that Heather McDonald thank you so much go check out awesome show this weekend coming works out commonwealth through one.