Comedian and host Michael Yo Interview

Friday, February 3rd

Comedian and TV host Michael Yo stopped by with Comedy 103.1's Big Mic to talk about his shows at Comedy Works downtown this weekend, his baby on the way and more! 


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Is ever solve for today's comedy comedy 131 it's big in my case I think it is men beckoned studio right. It's right here is light entertainment group wrote jags and a's radio alumni sawgrass special appreciation -- you guys pick my I got a brand new radio show on series X oh OK we ought to hits wanted to still on the radio I think that's. In the studio is the county works downtown as we get we got Michael you know what's what's hot man and a U bed dude just you know just got in town got cold not used to this cold weather was gonna say I'm a little worried that you're here because like last time you're here with us yes it is going to be in the most snowy February and this is a bad luck so I'm hoping that maybe you know me. Ops of the year I was here to that same year the Denver won the Super Bowl that is true solid you know I'm just sense of this I don't like much is gonna change the next three days to fix that so they today but the symbols born. Who cares about the power of the patriot or that you'd you'd have with who you think is gonna win it I'd I don't care I actually hope to tie spoke yet I. I hope at the end of the game to tie because I could care less about this order out and I think. It over gaga. Well just never happened trophy and a half right man they're ago I was of Michael doesn't care who wins well now I'd put you do you want to Wear. I hate the patriots but I think though I mean that that you know you're that good when people hate you but they know you're gonna away the worst feeling in the world you know when it went last year when the sumo Broncos in the Super Bowl number fifty. Manning's last game means Stewart made a beautiful business you know if for Brady needed to become the most winningest Super Bowl quarterback of all time Billiton was a mean. And we got fountains on on paper it's in the way the storage and although I don't see you him tiring. Yeah way O Brady's gonna be around forever yet having them when your wife mr. Zell you can look for a exactly you know keeps them you know we'll welcome back to them they've hit man bank yeah. Congratulations what I think maybe about five weeks away your golf be a father right about to be a dead beard was red and number one baby number one a man I know kids hi I'm so nervous but I'm excited to like the whole thing of being a father and like it you know it's like among white slave right. Now anything if you want I got to do this and I'll just say it. And I'm OK would you need me to do exactly not lose in my opinion are ready on everything so it's great it's great. I would be just like Leadbetter about a year no opinions is due to rights. Yes dear that's me are you going to be funny like all the things that you're like I have my dad do this and that you're that you don't exact same thing you're doing the exact same things like my battle sailor bold statements like I'm order a stake in the my mom's like you don't like staked. Memo that was like you're right I don't likes it thought you. We're dead you've been means that you like like those little little things I noticed these that I mind tricks come from a alive I don't like. Just the other night in I'm starting to do that just the other night. We had dinner in the lady was like well how do you like your state Alec honey I don't like and I'm like just that public. Two inch I pulled up my whole life I know play. Like that. All the myself you like my opinions. Part. You know I'm you know it's got to be equally five weeks off for whatever you know have you been thinking like. You can because obviously with the comedy it's a light from the rotary units that you know what I am taken like a month and a half off to a this my last we here and I'm going to be on the road tilt in the April oh cool because we're gonna have the baby and a couple weeks and that it has to be around a lot of real father you know what appealed Ralph Mikey all the Molly knows this now it must match at a wanna be around for this and for a whole month that the but I wanna be around to help out my wife and then you know -- hit the road but I'm busy doing all these different jobs how is the rest of memorably make a few months ago repairs that anniversary yeah. Is is there a 44. The 43 anniversary. Are her answer 33 and we're on on our first anniversary next weekend don't laws on Valentine's they were happy anniversary to it would just spread love your endeavor so much to be happy about my real life right now man may have a blast and that's my comedy of the tell everybody. It's namely comedy it's something that everybody can enjoy under the comedians out ringer dirty which got a fun time and spread positive. Productivity of love through comedy that's in need and that days off and especially I mean it's so much say in the world so so much space astronomy brings the collegiate club you know like you spend five minutes on FaceBook nowadays you need some left in light years ago you. Can viewers man we're making it happen. Nowadays you can do you think the Maureen does Dubai supposedly like you know it. Happy Friday to use some extra. I. Obama Obama did. Just have. Well nothing nothing politics is slow light everywhere and that's one thing I don't talk about things I talk about it interviews. I stay away from politics on stage because this system. And if my thing to talk about onstage when I'll talk about it real conversation. But it's all fairly friendly man at the seems like back in the day and maybe I'm wrong maybe maybe people always been this way but it's like back in the day people could. To joke about politics since this all know him like I mean they're obviously be those of Lebanon mean when he voted George Carlin and it is salute to the lower bull Li. You know whatever may be maybe mental. One editor of the problem is everybody has access to their opinion in his question now did you eat there you know an amoeba aren't you would hear George scrub which can't really say anything buys Twitter FaceBook you have means the same stuff day in everybody's duty insensitive today you know I overly sensitive everybody is so that's a big Brown's you know. Well no being over sensitive to this weekend now a common bond down tends to be levied on the downtown before and I got 800001. Club okay and the world. Now I gotta do and actually I'm doing my big. And Thursday I'm Duma big presentation that Netflix showtime. And HBO some running my special this weekend I got slide shows go it's gonna be amazing if you'll be off and so on running it through the degree. Musgrave man what we want they've made time for us and you know obviously do your job and through throughout your career you've got to be. A whole bunch of its of its celebrity have been for you and everywhere at it like this far and as I mean you're obviously. Have been two of seven years now is there like one single moment once in per person that sticks out like to highlight like damn I need to spurt out of you until you it happened about four months ago. Will Smith came out with a new movie I forgot what is called by an there was you know when you sit there when you're about to interview my impression. Yeah I was going to know none of unhappy that yeah. Collateral in Boca so. He basically its us the press were sitting in a row. I can about teachers waiting for him so he gets off the elevator to go to his rug gets off the elevator looked report looks at me angles. The little girl. And Nancy insects so let them beat the duty called it's also remote. Will Smith knows my name and he said what's up to me that that iced the about it you know as loves it it's supposed to. You know those that. Are expressed Isabella knows your name I know my name is. Exactly I haven't taken showers that if you if you few weeks ago you that they you know obviously Thom Yorke says the best comedians around a little ounce of which obviously that this weekend there you know they had Bob Saget who have seen many times of love so we don't have got to meet and to the states so. I was that was the bags guys. Jamie Jose might. Danny tanner is giving me I mean that's some real moments like and I think the reason becomes the real camera wanted to TV on the inside or is that. You still see I enjoyed it and still giddy about it I love I love Indian people that's that's my pass happy that's important sometimes to watch some of the entertainment shows you that interviewer can. Like they don't they don't seem like they're into my what they think they're the star yet bit the report that they do is dog but like I wanna see that energy like I wanna fills wanna I want them to seems excited I would be about the idea that's what I bring I am excited you know it means though like that I love what I do outlook on the radio and on television everybody that watches those shows that when we are seeing like them cut it recently but for a movie. In there had a light but wolf I was there I had asked this exact you know if so what somebody's there just got to ask whatever questions and some of them over the like asthma and they get to do it's always yet if you there have fun would it mean when you could tell you're into it like you know how important. I didn't come here more often you just made me feel better about mama if Amanda go more albums from big Michael Bay they don't have. No big Mike low Mike here all day there ya love that I love it I seem to be here comedy works downtown glamorous query and get those tickets comedy while not only had downtown downtown yet dad dad's house I was like I almost had doubts commodores downtown obviously. You got the baby on the way after that what you got lineup for the rest of the Herman I mean I got I got these two jobs ago the insider and in the radio show later in the evening and then just doing stand out you know hopefully. Special district up Thursday users are coming up and then I'll start working on that just fine tuning everything and oh yeah the plan is the shooter and a Roman. So that's the plan will you stay busy man I to a hospital is a hostile man we got the hustler right here go check got to show this weekend a few tickets left at com Newark's bad downtown. Com or dot com actually Michael yo thank you from duke I Mike thank you man appreciative.