Chris Tucker Interview

Thursday, February 2nd

Comedian Chris Tucker is performing tomorrow night in Denver, CO at the Paramount Theatre and he called in to talk with Big Mic about his show, what he's been up to and more! Get your tickets to the show at!


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It is Denver's home for today's comedy comedy went up 31 it is big my command I'm excited to get this man back on the line we have a international award winning actor comedian he seen in a book films like the rest app BO series fit element civilized playbook and you know they grossed over a million dollars at the box office says man the star easier tomorrow night at the Paramount theater we have Chris Tucker what's up Chris. You can match. There have been built and built a bunker. You it's been awhile since you've been here and numbers or excited to get you back here tomorrow night at the Paramount theatre. Man up and amid the quiet night and I look forward Google have a good time. So I got to start with this does this just popped up in my news yesterday's laps to find out if this is true or this is just alternative facts but I heard you Mike Meehan talks for a fourth installment of the rush hour series with Jackie Chan. Talk about it. Look like it. The Yankees out of work together and that will will you let this man couldn't be fun to do not gain. Malia I think I think it's been I think it's been ten years since the third one side note fans here's a deathly ready to do that obviously you know as with rush hour. I'm you've been a part of some some huge films that grossed over a billion dollars the box office and having had so much success on the big screen what is it about hitting the stage in doing standup that keeps bringing you back. It is everything and stand up comedy is the reason you know it got to the movies there I think it should be read in on the access. Of the movies because I had a lecture you know on the rules so many years to stand up you know from death camp comedy. You know tour and although he did it get Friday's. You know I'll a lot of that to mark and there could you know eighteen. In different city at night and you know get that practice in Munich in that this helps not helps when we took it to the big screen. It's going on tomorrow Paramount dating get those tickets a comedy 1031 dot com and and this is the big weekend overall obviously it's starting with your show tomorrow night at the Paramount this rapid enough man to championship Atalanta vs New England where you got man. Then the doctors a little. Good that we wanted. To Paulson that. At the but. Actually you know it's got that now that. They had oh. Some group put out for sure the parties are right year's numbers tomorrow night yet there yet that I don't particles started and that remark that the Panama. And analysts say as much as I'm jealous about that I'm also jealous because I saw. A suns won the U Dexia opportunity to attend Obama's farewell speech and see it live. And obviously you know it in the weeks since then that is dispensed so much craziness in the in politics in the world and it seems like laughter. Is what's important to keep just everybody's saying and it's something that can bring everybody together. AQ what's it like you know to wrap up the show and deceit you know whole crowd full of smiles and knowing people who leaving you know with a smile on their face. And it's it's a great ability the you know the old Beijing. And get. Talk about it you know a lot things that gap is thinking about. Now things have gone on in the world man and the crowd is quite yet refused. And you know Lott would do you have to come wind and it is that it does a lot of fun man luck for the great spirit and great feel. We have Chris Tucker is here tomorrow night Paramount theatre there's only few tickets left so if you wanna be there before it sells that go to comedy 131. Dot com buy those tickets this man is a star he is here Friday night tomorrow we wanna thank you for making time for us here comedy won a 31 and next time your town now we need to stop by the studios Manny I got to get a picture with you. Happening is happening on the hook that seat Martin.